Creating a
Quiet Ocean
for Whales

Welcome to Whale Sound, an interactive website sharing information gathered from cutting edge underwater listening technology to the surface.

Here you can explore the diversity and culture of whale communication and investigate whale presence, habitat usage, and levels of human-generated ocean noise at specific sites along the BC coast.


This acoustic platform was developed by the BC Hydrophone Network (BCHN), a collaboration between First Nation communities and NGO’s.


Whale Sound and BCHN members have installed a standardized system of 18 underwater recording stations, known as hydrophones, in key locations along the coast of BC.


We support community-based projects and inform conservation planning for the recovery of whales.

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The acoustic data library is available for territorial stewards and researchers through the interactive map and by data request form.

Whale Sound expands our awareness of the underwater world of whales and the soundscape they live in. It is a place we historically have not well understood. Today, this is changing, and now we recognize that to truly understand the behavior and habitat needs of whales, we need to listen!

Our vision is to support community-based projects that protect whales and inform conservation planning for British Columbia’s most exceptional wild marine places.


Whales & Sound

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Ocean Noise


The BC Hydrophone Network is a partnership between the North Coast Cetacean Society (NCCS/BC Whales), the Gitga’at First Nation, the Pacific Orca Society (Orcalab), the Kitasoo/Xai’xais First Nation, Saturna Island Marine Research and Education Society (SIMRES), the Heiltsuk First Nation and WWF-Canada.

Photographs, videos, and audio sound tracks are the sole property of the contributing partners.